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Grilled Scallop Recipe with Orange-Fennel Marinade

Excellent sea scallop recipe! This tasty grilled scallop recipe does a quick-change into scallop kabobs, if you like. Orange zest, lemon, fennel and parsley grace the delicious scallop marinade.

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Corned Beef Hash Recipe . Roast Beef Hash, Too

This delicious corned beef hash recipe does not require constant turning, like most, but comes out crispy and tender where it should. Easy on the cook. Try the roast beef hash option as well.

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Party and Cooking Quick Tips

Party and cooking quick tips are short, great-to-know bits of cooking and entertaining information.. Check back often for the latest food preparation tips and party planning ideas at a glance.

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Spanish Tortilla Recipe (Potato Omelette)

Good all day, every day, warm or cool, the Spanish Tortilla recipe is hard to classify. Tortilla de Patatas in Spain, it is more like a potato frittata, traditionally set out and nibbled all day.

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Pizza Sauce Recipes and Secret Sauces

Psst. There's a secret about pizza sauce recipes you should know. Not about the Alfredo, Pesto, Barbecue, Marinara, or Peanut Sauce Recipes; it's about the other sauces.

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A Martini Party with a Twist

Here's a great martini party idea ... a theme party with a theme of its own: What appetizer goes best with a martini? Get martini recipes, theme party decoration and invitation ideas, and resources.

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Grilled Pineapple Recipe – Grilled Butter-Rum Pineapple

Ginger, nutmeg, butter, lime, and a healthy dose of rum create an outstanding grilled pineapple recipe. Cooks in its' own pineapple "bowl" on the grill. Grilled fruit recipes don't get any better.

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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe – Delicious Adobo Recipe

Make the soup at home that the movie made famous, Tortilla Soup, or for description, the Chicken Tortilla Soup recipe. It's the spicy Mexican adobo seasoning that makes it so remarkable.

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Baked Lamb Chops in Port Sauce

Baked lamb chops start with a good searing then transfer to the oven. Flavorful port sauce, a reduction of the drippings and red wine with shallots, garlic, and butter, perfectly complements lamb.

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Classic Phyllo Pastry Recipe – Easy Baklava Recipe

This rich, flaky, Greek pastry recipe is everyone's favorite. Simplified directions help make this delicious phyllo pastry recipe the best Baklava recipe you'll find.

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Easy Salmon Crepes Recipe

Combine a basic crepes recipe with a simple crepe filling of salmon and white wine Mornay Sauce to get delicious Salmon Crepes, for brunch or dinner.

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Spicy Cream Cheese Balls Recipe

Cream Cheese Balls is a snappy little party appetizer recipe made with horseradish, mustard and hot pepper sauce. Good leftover ham appetizer recipe.

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Lobster Roll Recipe . People-Pleasing Lobster Rolls

Here's a lobster roll recipe for people who love lobster. Lots of lobster, a simple, seafood-friendly dressing, soft sandwich rolls. Even you'll okay these Lobster Rolls. Lobster equivalents.

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Gourmet French Fry Recipes - French Fries to Write Home About

A little truffle oil here, Parmesan there, a secret, and you've got gourmet french fry recipes including the elusive Garlic Fries recipe. Great party snack idea and the recipes to go with it.

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Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe -- A Hands Down Favorite

The Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip recipe sports all the famous flavors of Buffalo Wings and none of the messiness. A great layered dip served warm with scoops and/or crisp vegetables.

Continue reading "Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe -- A Hands Down Favorite"

One Spinach Salad Recipe - Three Great Spinach Salad Dressings

Three, if you count the Wilted Spinach Salad recipe, which we do. The classic spinach-egg-bacon salad becomes a welcome picnic food idea or meal in itself with Tarragon-Wine or Zippy Mayo Dressing.

Continue reading "One Spinach Salad Recipe - Three Great Spinach Salad Dressings"

Bagna Cauda Recipe

The Bagna Cauda recipe (pronounced Bahn-yah Cow-dah) is a rich anchovy-butter dip from Northern Italy served warm with bread and vegetable dippers. A classic "Italian party" recipe.

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Spiced Nut Recipes

Spiced Nut Recipes are hot, hot, hot with the party crowd. Roasted, spiced nuts are an easy but terrific party snack idea, appetizer, or wine and cheese party addition.

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Fancy Cream Cheese Brownie Recipe or Plain Fudge Brownies

Sometimes you crave unadulterated Fudge Brownies, and sometimes you want to dress them up with a Cream Cheese Brownie recipe. (Cheesecake Brownies) As long as it's easy, right? OK.

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Scone Recipes for your Tea Party or Brunch

Scone recipes are an essential part of any tea party, whether served alone or with tea sandwiches and tea cakes. Find all the tea party recipes you need plus a Fine Tea Guide here.

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Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.


Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.

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