Ultimate Homemade Pizza Recipes

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It's Not Your Father's Pizza
(Unless You Want It to Be)

Ultimate homemade pizza recipes are the ones you create yourself. Ask 10 different people what they want on their pizza and you'll get, ultimately, 10 different answers.

Are you a gourmet or a traditionalist? Somewhere among the 4 great pizza dough recipes, the flavored oil and pizza sauce recipes, and scores of toppings lay the ultimate pizza recipes of you and your guests.

The process of discovering them is a party!

Five elements must come together to create ultimate homemade pizza recipes:

  • the dough or crust
  • the sauce
  • and the toppings, naturally.

But equally important are :

  • how the pizza is assembled
  • and how it is baked

Let's start at the bottom, the crust.

The Pizza Dough

Pizza Dough Recipes are fun to make and satisfying to accomplish. The 4 recipes included here, Basic, Honeyed, Whole Wheat, and Sourdough, are no exception. But if you don't have the time or inclination to make it by hand, you have options.

The Pizza Sauce

What would ultimate homemade pizza be without Ultimate Pizza Sauce Recipes? Here's where you can really start thinking outside the pizza box with culinary crossovers like Pesto, Alfredo, Barbecue, and Peanut Sauces at the heart of your gourmet homemade pizza recipes.

Many items already lurking in your cupboards and refrigerator also make excellent pizza sauce; you just may not have thought of them that way before.

The Pizza Toppings

"Pepperoni and mushrooms with extra cheese" will probably always rule, but gourmet pizza is gaining ground. Now it's "spinach, broccoli, and roasted garlic" or "smoked salmon and caviar." You won't often find it in a delivery box, but you can find inspiration for it here.

And it's not just what but how. Click here to go to The Pizza Toppings page.

Assembling and Baking Your Pizzas

Do you know what "pizza soup" is? If you don't follow The Rules of Perfect Pizza , you may find out. These are the kinds of tips that turn ordinary homemade pizza recipes into ultimate pizza.

And don't miss the Great Combos here; terrific suggestions for putting it all together for both traditional and gourmet pizzas.


The next time you have company coming, prepare some pizza dough ahead of time. Then set out a few pizza sauces and a variety of pizza toppings. Stand back and watch the fun begin when you let your guests create their personal ultimate homemade pizzas.

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Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.


Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.

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