Party Dip Recipes

The Definitive Collection of Party Dip Recipes You've Always Wanted

Party Dip Recipes:

Dips and salsas are the backbone of the casual party, making these recipes "the keepers"-- timeless recipes spanning the classics and new favorites.

The case for party dips and salsas rests in their variety and versatility; they're quick and easy to prepare, attractive, and undemanding of the host. They taste great and feed a crowd, too.

You won't find every recipe for dip here, just the great ones like spicy guacamole, fruit dips, hummus, seafood dips and buffalo chicken wing dip. A variety of classic and fruit salsas, too.

Party Dip Recipes

After the dip recipes, keep going. You'll find some clever but easy presentation ideas and some really interesting dipper choices. 

Fresh Salsa Recipes

Dipper Ideas for the Salsa and Party Dip Recipes

Crackers . Potato Chips . Tortilla Chips . Sweet Potato Chips . Fried Rolled Tortillas . Matzo Balls . Bagel Bites . Melba Toast . Garlic Toast . Pita Bread Triangles . Rye Toast . Breadsticks . Polenta Triangles . Pretzels . Won Ton Crisps . Sourdough Bread

Celery Sticks . Carrot Sticks . Jicama Wedges . Broccoli Buds . Cauli-florets . Cherry Tomatoes . Red/Yellow Bell Pepper Strips . Cucumber Slices . Mushrooms . Belgian Endive . Tender-Crisp Asparagus Spears . Artichoke Hearts . Zucchini Sticks . Blanched Green Beans . Radishes . Blanched Snow Peas or Other Edible-Pod Peas Turnip Slices . Cooked Artichoke Leaves . Fried Onion Rings . French Fries

Mozzarella, Monterey Jack, and Cheddar Cheese Sticks (or any firm cheese)

Sliced Pears . Whole or Halved Strawberries . Grapes . Pineapple Chunks . Apple Wedges . Apricot Halves, Dried Apricots . Orange Wedges . Kiwi Slices . Sliced Peaches . Melon Balls . Mandarin Orange Segments . Banana Round

Tzatziki, (Cucumber Dip)

Presentation Tips
for Party Dips:

All you need is a bowl for the dip and a platter or plate for the dippers, right? You knew that, but you may not have realized that a hollowed out round of French bread, small pumpkin or melon, orange or grapefruit, red or green cabbage, tomato, or head of lettuce makes a great bowl. So does a large mug.

A neat, attractive arrangement of dippers on a simple dish is a real thing of beauty, too. Colorful veggies, for instance, do not need adornment. Wouldn't you agree?

Party Dip Recipes' Kissing Cousin: Fondue

Aioli Recipes


Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.


Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.

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