Trash Can Punch Recipe for 100

Trash Can Punch...Good to the Last Drop,

Plus, Item by Item Cost Breakdown

Trash Can Punch-- Good to the Last Drop,

Trash Can Punch is so named simply because no one can think of another suitable container for a punch recipe this size. A bathtub would do, but I hate to steal gin's thunder. And Wine Barrel Punch just doesn't have the same head-snapping quality as Trash Can, does it?

Despite its name, Trash Can Punch is a very tasty tropical punch recipe featuring rum, juice, fruit and pomegranate syrup. It serves 100, too, making it an excellent luau punch and/or beach party idea. 

Fruit is a huge part of any Trash Can Punch recipe, putting a whole new slant on fruit punch, for sure. In fact, it reminds me of the resort drinks you get in Hawaii, part drink, part fruit salad. All you'd need is a red paper parasol and... ooooooh, let me go check. Be right back.

Okay, I'm back... they do exist and they only cost about $8.

32" paper parasols

I'm sorry to say, some Trash Can Punch has a rather dubious reputation for 151-proof effect, without regard for taste. But we are more sophisticated and mature than that! We want quality, not just quantity, and here it is! (Okay, all noses in the air and cue the banner wavers.)

Trash Can Punch for 100

New 30-gallon rubber trash can
9 (750 ml) bottles light rum
9 (750 ml) bottles dark rum
4 (1-liter) bottles orange liqueur
30-40 pounds firm fruit,*
3 gallons orange juice
3 gallons pineapple juice
7 liters (about 30 cups) fresh lime juice
2 liters grenadine (pomegranate syrup)

  1. * Good fruit choices are oranges, pineapples, seedless grapes, apples, strawberries, seedless watermelon, peaches and apricots. Leave the strawberries and grapes whole but cut the rest into punch-cup size wedges.

Make the punch on-site; only a nut would try to transport a 30-gallon "punch bowl" full of punch.

First, clean the trash can and rinse it very well.

Pour in the rums and the orange liqueur. Add the fruit and let it soak up the alcohol for an hour or two. (Punch-drunk fruit?)

Stir in the juices and grenadine. A small, clean, oar makes a good stirrer (or perhaps your big paper parasol will have a handle long enough to do the job.) Add a block of ice and let it chill. Serve over ice with fruit. Keep cold, adding ice as necessary. Makes 400 (4-ounce) servings, plus fruit and ice.

Note: If you'd like to tone it down a bit you can add more juice or some bottled water without harming the recipe.

Here's a new Coconut Shrimp recipe on site that goes well with this punch; very luau-ish.

Trash Can Punch Cost Breakdown

It's not often we need such a large punch recipe, but when we do, we do, and it can be a real pain in the neck to figure the details. This should help.

The second piece of good news is that you don't need to use expensive ingredients in punch. I've estimated the cost using the lowest cost, best value items I could find; I shopped an office supply store, a discount liquor store, a warehouse market and a regular grocery store. I'm sure you can find similar buys in your area.

Trash Can, 32-gallon, $ 28.00
This is big enough for the punch, fruit, ice and any extras.

Light Rum 9 (750 ml) bottles @ 5.99 ea. = 54.00

Dark Rum, 9 (750 ml) bottles @ 7.99 ea. = 72.00

Orange Liqueur, 4 (1-liter) bottles @ 7.99 ea. = 32.00

Genadine, 2 (1-liter) bottles @ 3.99 ea. = 8.00

Lime Juice, 7 (1-liter) bottles @ 3.99 ea. = 28.00

Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate, 3 (gallons) @ 3.00 ea. = 9.00

Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate, 3 (gallons) @ 3.00 ea. = 9.00

Fruit, estimate using 1 flat of strawberries, 1 flat of apples, 1 flat of oranges, 2 pineapples, 1 large watermelon, 5 pounds green grapes, (about 40 pounds total) = 40.00

"Rock" Ice, 140 pounds @ 20 pounds for 3.99 ea. = 28.00
You may need more ice if the party is long, outdoors, hot, or all of these. Look over the food planning guidelines.

Block Ice can be hard to find these days; I recommend freezing a few of your own in larger plastic storage containers with purified or distilled water.

Party Tumblers, 360 10-ounce clear plastic cups @ 120 for 6.99 ea. = 21.00
You might get away with fewer cups, but just in case... Big Silly Red Paper Parasol = 8.00

Total: $ 337.00. Not bad! _______________________________

Have fun making your Trash Can Punch! I'm still thinking about a big fruit garnish to go with the paper parasol. All we'd need is a big plastic sword... oooooh, let me go look.

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Join the party! Tell us how you were able to use or improve the recipe(s) or tips on this page.

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